Saturday, May 2, 2009

Patrick Wolf 'The Bachelor'

Ah, how I have been waiting forever and ever for this album to finally make it's way out into the cyberworld. I know it's bad to download leaks, but man I really couldn't resist with this album. Patrick Wolf is one of those unique artists that comes along once every new moon. He is absolutely amazing to listen; no matter what time of the day it may be. He has this way about him that makes me keep coming back for more. It's as if with each album he has there are more secrets to be revealed about himself. He is a story, and a story I'll be following up until the day he retires from music. 'The Bachelor' is his latest effort and it see's Wolf heading a completely new direction. It's almost trance, I guess but not. It's electronic, we can put it that way but not in the way that most of us know it. Just listen to tracks like Hard Times and Vulture to understand what I'm talking about. But! Just when you think you have this album all pegged out, he slips in tracks like Battle (an almost metal ala Mindless Self Indulgent track) and album title track, The Bachelor (which is hands down, going to feature in my top songs of the year list). The album is amazing, and compared to that of his last release, 'The Magic Position', I would say it's pretty close to topping it, if not equal.

(MP3) Hard Times
(MP3) The Bachelor


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